Hier kun je een onderwerp aanmaken om jezelf voor te stellen

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Bericht door Milchkutscher » za 05 dec 2009, 15:14

Hallo Melkdrivers,
I am a german melkdriver so I draw in english that you understand me. I drive 14 years jansky and schwarte. today I drive a iveco with 360 ps and schwarte. the iveco take 16.000l milk and the waagon 16.000l too, but the police only likes if I drive 40.000 kg. the iveco is 13 Month old and has 303.000 km. the schwarte bartec with tip-tronic makes 800 -960 l per minute.
I am lucky to find melktransport nl because I am interresting in RMO-trailer. It is realy great website !!!!
If you have questions about my little iveco or german things so contact me.
(Sorry for my bad school-englisch, it is long time ago)

the German Milchkutscher

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Re: Milchkutscher

Bericht door Gerjan » do 24 dec 2009, 12:03

Hello German Milchkutscher!

Very welcome on our forum, we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

Can you send us some picture with a little facts so we can put your truck on our site?

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